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Mission Statement

My place in New York City is located near a restaurant that prides itself on its authentic New Zealander food.  In case your food exploration has only taken you as far east as Australia (or west? Things were much easier when the earth was flat), New Zealand cuisine is essentially your standard meats and fish, only it’s cooked by a Chef from New Zealand. I had the Venison – it came cooked medium-rare, lukewarm and with a nice amount of mascarpone and squash puree (apparently true New Zealand delicacies*). And it tasted delicious. My overactive, terribly attention deficit brain though, wasn’t content just to enjoy. Questions began to form in my mind. Why was the Venison so delicious? Was it because the Venison was great quality? Was it because it was cooked perfectly? The accompanying sauces were not lacking in quantity, and I wondered if they were the cause of that taste. My mind continued to stray. Would it have tasted better cooked a bit more - or even a bit less? 


What the hell does this even have to do with sushi? Well, unless the sushi chef has decided to go wild, the only question about the food that you will ever ask yourself is the quality of the fish and the rice. There’s no potential for under (or over) cooking. And forget any worry of a sauce being used to mask below average flavor. It’s just you and the sushi, just you, the fish and the rice – if its not fresh, there’s nowhere to hide.



This blog is a testament to my love for sushi. I love it’s taste, I love experiencing different interpretations, but most of all, I enjoy how difficult it is to fake. Every sushi restaurant I’ve been to at least once will be featured, and my hope is that readers will use these words to share in my love for that Japanese gift. Or at the very least, realize that the internet has now become a place for anyone to write anything they want. 

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*Sorry to the Kiwis –nothing personal. I love your food. 

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