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There may not be a more popular east village sushi restaurant than Kanoyama. But that doesn't mean that all customers who go there want the same thing. Located on 2nd avenue, and giving off more of a mysterious vibe, Kanoyama's interior is hardly visible from the outside. Two separate dining rooms split the "A la carte" customers from those ordering "Omakase". In that way, I like to think of Kanoyama as the "airplanes" of New York City sushi. If you want a more relaxed (read: inexpensive) sushi experience, the first dining room offers plenty of menu options. If you're looking for something more first class, Kanoyama offers "Omakase", with apparently the freshest fish at $185 per person.

The food is decent, although the maki has far too much rice compared to the fish within the rolls. You can barely tell from the attached pictures that the rolls are Yellowtail and Spicy Scallop. The sashimi was fine, although the picture hasn't been altered in any way; that is exactly how it was presented.

The fried chicken on the other hand (pictured right), was delicious and highly recommended. Maybe when I create the "Fried Chicken Legend" blog, Kanoyama will be rated higher.

Not recommended.


East Village $20-$40+  per person. A la carte & Omakase.

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