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I'm not sure if the expression is "all steak and no sizzle" or "all sizzle and no steak", but whatever it is that describes something that "secretly is terrible, but dresses itself up in a fancy dress and puts on expensive perfume" - that is how I would describe Sushi MiKasa. Harsh? Maybe. But so was my 40 minute wait for food that didn't need to be cooked. 

The problems with Sushi MiKasa were evident right from the start - first and foremost that it has a loose affiliation with the Kardashians, which right away screamed "tourist trap" to me. Frequent readers of my blog will know that there are certain pet peeves I have - and MiKasa ticks most of those boxes; Waiter having little to no understanding of the menu? Check. Menu showing fish that the restaurant doesn't have? Check.  Sushi taking way too long to come out? Check. Maki that falls apart with a slight breeze? Check. Some of those issues could be attributed to their recent opening, but given the heavy hitter (Jonathan Cheban) behind the venture and his experience, I expected more.

The Food (if you can't tell by now) was average at best. I suppose the cherry on top (almost literally) was the heaping spot of mayo that was put on my Toro nigiri. Nothing says fine quality like mayo. And yes - I know the pictures look bad, but then again - so was the food. So we're even MiKasa.

The Atmosphere was lacking, partly due to the factors mentioned above. The one saving grace was the location (at the Shelborne), but anything in Miami Beach is going to get points for that, as long as it isn't west of Collins/South Ocean. 

Go visit the hotel. Stay away from Sushi MiKasa.


Miami Beach. $20-60+  per person. A la carte.

So here's the thing about Sushi's a pretender.