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So here's the thing about Suzushi...the nigiri...needs some work

It's always a bit scary travelling for work. Not because of the travel, or the unknown hotel, not because of a new bed or a new city, not even because of dealing with a new language. For me, the struggle is strictly about finding  where to eat. Websites like Yelp and Urbanspoon certainly help, but I can't always rely on those ratings or reviews. For instance, is a 4 on yelp in Los Angeles noting the same quality of restaurant as a 4 on yelp in Des Moines? (no offense to the great people of Des Moines. I just picked a city that hasn't had a visitor to my blog yet). 

I ran into that problem when travelling to Mansfield recently. As a suburb of Dallas, if I had more time I would have likely journeyed into the downtown core for sushi. Up against the clock, I found the highest rated sushi restaurant in Mansfield and went for it. Rated a 4, I figured I couldn't go wrong. Oops. 

The food is really the biggest issue here, because the staff are very friendly and attentive. I knew I was due for an issue when - while ordering - I was informed that they were out of Uni and Hamachi. As those of you who have read my "pet peeves" will know, it's never a good sign when a menu option isn't available. 

The second big issue is what you'll see in the picture to the right. Every piece of nigiri, just had Seriously, just imagine a baseball of dry rice, because that is what I was dealing with. So for the first time in my sushi life, I actually started a rice graveyard for all of the rice that I was removing from the nigiri. Such a shame, but perhaps I got them in a bad day.

The atmosphere was as expected for a suburban sushi restaurant. Wide open with plenty of tables for families, and staff who were very friendly, I couldn't complain about that aspect of my visit to Suzushi. 

Unfortunately, Suzushi was a definite miss. It didn't help that the salt that I ordered came with edamame (see right). Joking aside, I imagine that the rice is better served in maki (which I did not order), but based on my experience, I would look elsewhere. 

Stay away.