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Arriving at Tomoe Sushi in the West Village, I was shocked that I had to wait in a line. Granted, reservations are not accepted, but the fact that a standard neighborhood place with little fanfare had such a long line, was certainly a positive sign.

The Food was surprisingly unique for what I had expected. Pictured to the right is cooked Toro. That's right- cooked. It was actually pretty delicious, although the sweet sauce it came with overpowered some of the taste. 

The sushi platter was great value for what we got - highlights included the Ikura and the Mirugai (Giant Clam). One other thing that I was especially impressed with was the Crab maki roll that contained both Cod Roe and Shiso Leaf - an interesting combination that really worked. The Uni on the other hand, was disappointingly runny and felt like it might have come from an older - and less fresh - batch.

The Atmopshere  is communal and ideal for a quick and relaxed meal. The staff are knowledgeable and courteous, but don't expect to get seated right away at your table during peak times. 

I would recommend Tomoe as an easy, last-minute option, but certainly not for a special occasion.


West Village. $20-$40  per person. 

So here's the thing about Tomoe's a great neighborhood place...and that's it.